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March 2016

It’s Blanket PO time…..

Now is the time to start reviewing your FY16 blanket PO’s to prepare your FY17 blanket PO’s.  Some items to think about when you are looking over your blanket PO history…. How many times did you use the blanket? Did you use the full amount or have to add funds?  Here are some tips to help prepare for next year.


  • You need to have used the blanket a minimum of 10 times throughout the year
  • We recommend increasing the PO amount by 3% to allow for price inflation
  • Remember to change the accounting date when creating FY17 blanket PO’s

Do you have a deposit?

The BOC accepts deposits Monday through Friday from 8am-12pm.  We can make special accommodations outside of these hours by request only.

Travel and Pcard use for Travel expenditures

As you know, preapproval is required before you can travel but can be documented through an approved T#, an email, business leave, etc.

However, if you choose to use the pcard for travel related purchases, your T# must be in approved status BEFORE you can use your pcard. 

Ask yourself, are you spending University funds for travel, if so, you need to have an approved T#.

Multiple vendors in one Erequest

REMINDER:  When entering eRequests, please create one eRequest for each vendor you wish to purchase.  The ONLY exception is if you shop through eStores.  eStores will allow you to shop multiple vendors and upload your cart into one eRequest.  Just be careful if you are ordering eStores Inventory items such as gas cylinders.  These should remain by themselves and with one chartfield.  If you have any questions, please contact your BOC Fiscal Associate.

Summer Graduate Students

Do you have a graduate student who will be working for the Summer Semester?  We have adjusted the deadline for submitting Graduate Fee Authorization (GFA) eligible appointments and updates to the BOC for summer term.  Please plan to get us these transactions by April 1.

Graduate appointment dates for summer term are May 17 – August 15.  Here is a link to the dates for AY 16/17: