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May 2016

Attached Documents in ERequests

Reminder: Make sure that there are no attachments to eRequests that show bank information or other secure information.  It should be blacked-out or redacted in order for it to be attached to an eRequest.

Vouchers & Multi-funded orders

If you have an order that has 2 or more chartfields to fund the order be sure to look at the “Charge Information” tab when approving any vouchers.  We just learned that there is a manual process to entering the funding on the voucher side and therefore there can be errors even if the PO was set up correctly.  If you find one that is not correct do not approve it and contact the BOC and we can get in contact with the appropriate people to get a new voucher entered with the correct distributions. 

Trip Cost Comparisons

If you have a traveler that is attaching any personal time to their trip, a cost comparison must be done prior to the trip and roughly around the same time they booked their actual reservation so we can have the best and most accurate cost comparison.  Your cost comparison should be pulled as if the traveler wasn’t taking personal time. 

Cost Comparison Tips:

  • Be sure to pull before the trip occurs and around the same time the traveler books their actual flight.If you wait till last minute to do the cost comparison it will be naturally inflated due to it being last minute and won’t be a good cost estimate
  • Ask yourself the question; If I am this traveler and need to just travel for the business portion, how would I book it? Pull the costs associated for just the business portion.
  • Make sure you pull round … 
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Please note that if you want to book a hotel room at the Blackwell you should call them to reserve the room and obtain a confirmation letter before submitting an eRequest.  The confirmation letter should be uploaded to the eRequest.  This guarantees that we get charged appropriately for the room cost.

Please also be sure to notate on the post-trip form that Blackwell was prepaid and include the itemized receipt along with travel reimbursement to help us complete the full picture of the trip.

If for any reason the rate is more than 2 times the GSA rate, an exception will need to be completed before we will approve the Blackwell or other hotel eRequest.

Need to book travel??? Do it on May 10th!

No agency fee on May 10 for online travel bookings!!!!


Once you have your approved T#, access CONCUR and start shopping fares for your next business trip. The $6.30 agency fee will be waived for all online bookings made on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.


For more detailed information, contact the Travel Office.


Please note that regular fees apply with agent assist bookings.