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June 2016

Amazon & Department Pcards

Reminder: If you want to purchase something on Amazon please submit an eRequest as a Standard Purchasing Request and the BOC will use their pcards to order from Amazon.  Do not use a department pcard to buy something through Amazon.

Skilled Trade purchases

If you need to purchase any skilled trade services such as Asbestos Abatement, Electrical Services, Fire Suppression, General Contractors, HVAC, Plumbing, Waste Management or Window Cleaning these all can be found through eStores.  We should purchase through this route even in emergency situations to prevent any issues with contracts.

Non Posted Journals

If you want a journal posted to Fiscal Year 2016, please take a proactive approach and verify the status of all journals you have initiated or approved. Research has shown that a number of journals remain in a "non-posted" status. Please contact Rob Hupp at 688-4519 or if you have questions. This article is also available in NewsLink online.

Year End Invoice Processing Deadline

The due date for FY16 invoices to be processed by UNIV Central Accounts Payable is Monday, June 20, 2016. All invoices to be recognized in the current fiscal year must be received by UNIV Central Accounts Payable by the close of business on June 20.

Get to know the staff of the BOC

Want to know more about the BOC staff?  Just click on our name under "Contact Us" section and this will lead to a little biography of everyone who works for the BOC.  Come check us out!!!