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May 2017

Per Diem/Meal Allowances reminder

Per Diem/Personal Meal Allowances

  1. Meal allowances are paid after completion of the trip (unless a cash advance was issued) and are based upon per diem rates that vary by city location. These rates include incidental expenses (e.g., service tips, housekeeping, baggage carriers, porters, etc.).
  2. In general, the per diem allowance for the first and last days of travel is up to 75% of the full per diem rate.
    1. Travelers may be reimbursed for less than the per diem allowance with a general comment of the date and which meal (i.e. 5/11/17 B, L).
    2. Meal allowance is authorized for in-state (with overnight stay) or out-of-state (45 miles or more from the traveler's residence or headquarters) travel.
    3. Full meal allowances while on travel status will not be paid if a meal is served on the plane, included in a conference registration fee, built into the hotel room rate, or … 
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Travel Agency Feedback Wanted

In a continuing effort to ensure the best level of service is delivered through Ohio State's designated travel agencies, the Travel Office needs your feedback. Please visit the Travel Office Website to access the Travel Agency Feedback Form. This form allows users (travelers, arrangers and approvers) the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences. The Travel Agency Feedback Form is a permanent part of the Travel Office Web site and can be reached by this direct link.