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Flying vs. Driving - When to pull a comp

If you plan to travel for the College of Engineering, and you would like to drive to a desination that is 5 hours or more one way, we will need a flight comparison.  The College of Engineering Business Operations Center (BOC) will reimburse the lowest of the 2 types of transportation methods. 


Reminder - Coca-Cola (mandated contract)

OSU has a mandated contract with Coca-Cola. If you or someone in your department goes to the store and purchases Giant Eagle water, Pepsi or other non-Coke beverage product and it was on the department Pcard, it is an exception. 

Change orders

Anytime you have a change order, please remember to contact the vendor to communicate the change that is occurring with the order/service you placed. The change order PO does not get dispatched to the vendor.

Amazon orders

Amazon Business Account orders will be delivered to Columbus campus locations by Central Receiving. Delivery information for Amazon packages is available by tracking number on the Central Receiving website.

Direct Bill for Lodging with CTP

CTP has provided Direct Bill service to OSU to accommodate travelers that do not have a personal credit card, nor have access to a University Pcard.  In order to establish a Direct Bill payment solution with CTP, the following is required:

  • Approved Purchase Order (not a requisition) for UNIV funded travel.  OSP funded travel, you will need to provide CTP with the T number only.
  • Dispatched Purchase Order in its standard form.
    • The Purchase Order # cannot be provided verbally; nor can the Purchase Order # be provided in an email.
  • Purchase Order must contain sufficient funds to cover room rate plus 20% tax estimate and the $5 service fee.
    • The Purchase Order will be validated by CTP to ensure funds are available to cover the room rate AND tax. 
    • The Purchase Order must be issued to Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) as the payee (vendor).
  • CTP … 
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