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Direct Bill for Lodging with CTP

CTP has provided Direct Bill service to OSU to accommodate travelers that do not have a personal credit card, nor have access to a University Pcard.  In order to establish a Direct Bill payment solution with CTP, the following is required:

  • Approved Purchase Order (not a requisition) for UNIV funded travel.  OSP funded travel, you will need to provide CTP with the T number only.
  • Dispatched Purchase Order in its standard form.
    • The Purchase Order # cannot be provided verbally; nor can the Purchase Order # be provided in an email.
  • Purchase Order must contain sufficient funds to cover room rate plus 20% tax estimate and the $5 service fee.
    • The Purchase Order will be validated by CTP to ensure funds are available to cover the room rate AND tax. 
    • The Purchase Order must be issued to Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) as the payee (vendor).
  • CTP is not tax exempt.  Any/all taxes charged to CTP’s credit card will be billed back to the Purchase Order (In order to have the sales tax removed, it will be up to the department to get the sales tax removed. This means your department will need to reach out to the hotel and state we are sales tax exempt. If the hotel states they are unable to remove the tax, please keep all documentation of the conversation you had with the hotel.)
  • Purchase Order must be received before reservation finalized.
    • The Purchase Order must be received by CTP before the reservation is secured to allow CTP to validate required Purchase Order contents and sufficient funds.
  • CTP is not provided a folio/receipt documentation from the hotel --- collection of folio/receipt documentation is the responsibility of the traveler.