General Information


An online purchasing program that will allow you to submit request to purchase items or pay someone. This system will capture approvals automatically. Once approved, the request will workflow to the Business Operations Center to be processed.


Departments are to submit travel documentation including original receipts to the Business Operations Center once the traveler has returned from their travel. Travel reimbursement forms should be provided to travelers who will be conducting University business travel. This should be used to help streamline the travel initiation process and to capture all necessary pre/post trip approvals. The travel reimbursement forms can be found on the "Forms" page.


Departments will continue to manage their Purchasing Cards as they currently do. Departments will create an eRequest and attach detailed documentaion which the Business Operations Center will use for reallocation and approvals. Each month the department is required to send over their pcard statemtents along with their pcard log of their monthly transactions.


University Travel and Expenditure policy provides deans and vice presidents the authority to approve, on an occasional, non-recurring basis, exceptions to established policies.

BOC Exception Process

All transactions identified as an exception must be documented using the College Exception Form. The form MUST be signed by the individual for which the exception is being submitted along with the Business Manager and Chair. In addition to an explanation for the exception, the department must document what actions will/have occured to prevent similar exceptions in the future.

Department Responsibility

The department Business Manager is responsible for identifying the exception prior to submitting a transaction to the BOC for processing. Exceptions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Increase in the dollar limits noted in policy for alcohol, business meal, and entertainment expenses. Exception MUST be granted prior to the incurrence of expense.
  • Missing required documentation, (i.e. itemized receipts) for personal or travel reimbursements.
  • Travel reimbursement is being submitted more than 90 days after the completion of the trip.
  • The traveler did not obtain prior authorization for the business travel along with estimated costs.
  • A request for purchase order after-the-fact

NOTE: Spouse approval and alcohol expenses are approved via the College Meal Form (located under "Forms"). Travel expenses exceeding estimated costs by 20% or greater require department approval only.

BOC Responsibility

  • The BOC will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate College approval for exceptions when submitted for processing.
  • The BOC will update the Purchase Request Form, Travel Reimbursement Request, Purchase Order, etc noting an exception in pending approval prior to the disposition of that transaction.
  • The BOC will follow up with the department Business Manager to obtain the appropriate documentation to support the request.