Business Operations Center (BOC)

The Business Operations Center, BOC, is a unit within the College of Engineering responsible for providing expert knowledge and high-level customer service for the payroll and procurement needs of the College’s faculty, staff and students. Our mission is to uphold the University’s financial stewardship responsibilities through transparent, fiscally-sound operations that promote the academic, research and professional development initiatives of the College of Engineering while adhering to the policies of the University and all state and federal laws. We commit to delivering efficient and professional responses to service requests, and we strive to continually assess and refine processes to ensure best practices and excellent customer experiences.

The Business Operations Center (BOC) is now accepting deposits every Wednesday from 10am-12pm. Please be sure to have a signed deposit log when you come. You also need to inform...
While the University moves towards transitioning away from Peoplesoft and into Workday, there will be a series of deadlines that will be imperative to be aware of in order to make...

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