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Cell Phone and Internet Allowance

A few years ago the University revised the expenditure policy adding more guidelines and requirements for cell phone and internet allowance.  We as a College determined the best approach was to offer an allowance to accommodate those who's jobs require them to be available after business hours or while working remotely.  Over the years more and more individuals are requesting this allowance.  November is the deadline for getting the allowance approved and into payroll for the next calendar year.  This is required because the allowance is a taxable fringe benefit and the amount needs to align with the tax year.  I thought now would be a good time to offer a few pointers and reminders:

1.  PLEASE give a business purpose that answers the question, "Why is the allowance needed".  Stating that it is the next year's allowance does not support a business … 

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Travel Part 1

I have been racking my head on what to blog this past week!  So many things to write about, however trying to organize a logical thought has been somewhat challenging! I thought the best place to start was to talk about travel, in light of a new revised travel policy and the fact that a large amount of reimbursements are processed this time of the year.

A question came up a month or so ago regarding the purchase and appropriateness of business class airfare and if it was permissable on flights to Hawaii (usually beyond a 5 hour jaunt).  I forwarded the question on to the policy owners in Business and Finance and they did not approve Hawaii for business class.  I pass this along for you to share to prevent any misunderstandings for the traveler.  Business class of course it okay on international flights with at least one leg … 

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The morning after!

Good morning from the BOC!  I would like to take a brief moment to thank all of our business partners throughout the college for continuing to support our efforts, process redesign, initiatives, etc.  We continue to strive for exceptional customer service.  The BOC will be closed on Thursday Novemeber 19th for an all day teambuilding and professional development retreat.  It is difficult to find the time for our team to focus on our organizational growth and teambuilding and November tends to be a less hectic time for us.

We do want to ensure that we are responsive to any critical orders or emergencies.  Please contact Peggy Schmidt directly for these orders.

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