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April 2016

Development/Donation checks

Reminder: If you receive donation or development monies which needs deposited please deliver these to either Megan Fanning (2-8311) or Kristi Ford (2-4510) in 3042 Smith Laboratory for deposit.  The BOC will not accept development checks for deposit as there is a different process for these types of funds.  If you are unsure please contact the BOC or the College’s Advancement department to find out more information.

Discount Vouchers

Business Managers:  Please remember to review your discount vouchers and approve as soon as possible so we can benefit from any discounts.  This is a new category of vouchers that was created specifically to call your attention to places where we can save money.  The BOC will help to monitor this list and will contact you if we see one that has been pending approval for a while. 

No biweekly health deductions for PP22

Reminder:  Staff paid biweekly now have health and welfare deductions taken from 24 pays instead of 26 pays. For two months during the year, the biweekly pay schedule contains three pays during the month. Health deductions will not be taken from the third pay.  This includes deductions for medical, dental, vision, flexible spending, short-term disability, voluntary group term life and dependent group term life insurance.  This also applies to PHA/PHS for these pay periods.

April is the first month to contain 3 biweekly paydays, so we wanted you to be aware of it.  Specific benefits question should be directed to OHR customer service at 292-1050.

DocuSign on new hire paperwork

Just a reminder, everyone should be using DocuSign on their new hire paperwork!  Note, you should be extracting the 2 pages of the hire data worksheet to attach to the HRA. Please do not attach the entire DocuSign packet to the HRA.  It may contain private and protected information.  For more information on the College of Engineering’s DocuSign packets, please see the DocuSign Hire Templates folder in the Buckeye Box.

When to AdHoc Patti C to HRA...

Just a friendly reminder that Patti Chrisenberry’s approval is needed for various transactions submitted via HRA.  Her approval can be captured via the ad hoc feature at the approval stage of HR Actions.  The following is a list of transaction types that Patti should be added in for approval.

  • All postings.
  • Faculty and staff position description and data updates.  If the only thing being updated is the location code, it is okay to leave Patti out of the approval process.  All other updates should have Patti’s approval.
  • Any form of pay facilitated through the Pay Additional Compensation option in HR Action, excluding the following: ODP, cell phones/internet/data, FAA (with attached offer letter), and LIV (with attached offer letter).

If you are unsure whether a transaction needs Patti’s approval, please contact your BOC representative.